On July 28, poplar of in relief county of Luoyang city appropriate presses down Ding Yule of villager of steep channel village, carrying a wife to come to dak of slope of Zhao of the line austral big Na Huanlong by bike, before be in square 2 people raise a stall, it is beverage snack at the same time, it is the equipment of fried chicken at the same time. Before long, the villager that takes a walk on square shops.

“The person is very much here, the business is very good. ” Ding Yule says, he walks along countryside to string together a village to sell cool skin before this, before a many month, zhao slope dak builds, he and wife buy fried chicken equipment and beverage snack to come this places vendor’s stand, income is very considerable.

Appropriate in relief county is ” way of 4 nice rural areas ” provincial demonstrative county, build the Zhao Po, dak such as dragon nest in the line austral big Na Huanlong in recent years, make its make masses night recreational recreational good place and ” ground booth economy ” the dot that send force. The beginning of the year comes at present, this county already was built, rebuild rural highway in all 60 kilometers.

Construction of highway of village of appropriate in relief county is Luoyang city traffic carriage system is advanced key the people’s livelihood is solid 2020 the epitome of the thing.

Newest data shows center of progress of career of Luoyang city highway, job of construction of highway of rural area of real issue of the people’s livelihood of Luoyang city key was 2020 build, change extend village highway 350 kilometers. Among them, county of 35 kilometers, goldenrain tree plain installs county of ferry of the first month 35 kilometers, newly county in relief county of 40 kilometers, appropriate county of 60 kilometers, Ru Yang county of 20 kilometers of city of division of 15 kilometers of 35 kilometers, Yi Chuan county, cease, Luo Ning 45 kilometers, fleabane.

Up to now, whole town is finished in all build, change extend village highway 395.364 kilometers. Among them county of ferry of the first month finishs 36.74 kilometers, Luan Chuan county install a county 35.3 kilometers, newly to finish in relief county of 41.06 kilometers, appropriate to finish county of 60.085 kilometers, Ru Yang to finish county of 35.221 kilometers, Yi Chuan to finish city of division of 15 kilometers, cease to finish 21.6 kilometers, .

After be being overfulfiled this ahead of schedule, these building, the masses that changes extend village highway to reach benefit 127 villages and towns of Luoyang whole town, revitalize to promote countryside, dozen win battle of deficient assault fortified positions, build comparatively well-off society to offer good traffic condition in the round, exalt the acquisition of masses of along the line feeling, happy feeling. (Article of Wu Wei of reporter of large of Zhao of reporter of intermediary of be in harmony of newspaper of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces / graph)