Zhao Rongguang

      Draw near ” 81 ” found an army section, the soldier is embraced army the heat that becomes social attention.

Our Luoyang has so family, two generation 3 people enlist, arm of services covers sea land sky!

Now, reporter of intermediary of be in harmony of newspaper of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces takes you to approach together these 3 ” most angel ” , understand them enlist story —

“My culture course result crossed line of sergeancy school score, hopeful is admitted by sergeancy school. ” now, the Zhao Rongguang that in Zhejiang peaceful wave navy enlists in army some makes telephone call of announce good news to family.

Be informed the good news of nephew Zhao Rongguang, zhao battle slope of 52 years old is glad all the more. Because Zhao Rongguang enlists, suffer the effect of Zhao battle slope namely.

Zhao battle slope

Zhao battle slope is Qiu Cun of alcalde of white crane of county of ferry of the first month’s person, in October 1985, enrollment of his 17 years old glory, leave home town, will believe this world when cavalry, be engaged in major of army tank gunner, ever held the post of headquarters to make example keeper.

Because he trains assiduously, performance is outstanding, may 1988, zhao battle slope is in army glory join or be admitted to the party. In making example branch execute the mission in coordination, zhao battle slope allocates goods and materials of for military use proper, safeguard is strong, get for many times army commend.

In army, zhao battle slope still is a little famous energy of life ” literary arms ” . Original, he likes to write as a child, picture, literary specialty is produced in army, enter activity of barback painting and calligraphy actively, active barback culture lives.

In Feburary 1989, glory of Zhao battle slope retires, enter county of ferry of the first month a bank is engaged in publicizing the job. 2000 the end of the year, he leaves a bank to do poineering work independently, in throwing energy painting and calligraphy to create, join Henan to save association of calligrapher association, Luoyang city artist early or late.

In recent years, zhao battle slope joins chamber of commerce of tourism of ferry of the first month, culture industry chamber of commerce, roll out culture travel work actively, be dedicated to making beautiful country, career of enthusiastic commonweal, obligation writes painting and calligraphy of spring festival scrolls, alms to aid force essence to help deficient up to wait definitely.

According to statistic, zhao battle slope defends house of slope Gu Min, Meng Jin for Meng Jin early or late Zhang Jiacai kiln, white crane presses down Na Shishan the picture of scale ground 3D such as Yellow River green line, the area just outside a city gate of county of the ferry that it is the first month, constant bag, Ma Tun, send the town such as bottom of village, horizontal water, wavelet brushwork of beautiful country construction more than 1200, it is 40 many units of county and village inscribe illustration more than 500, be called by place ” big beautiful Meng Jin represents a person ” .

In Zhao Zhan the influence of slope falls, his two nephews Zhao Rongyao and Zhao halo also enlist early or late, enlist in army in air force and navy respectively.

In December 2010, zhao Rongyao glorious enrollment of 18 years old, already was in at present Shaanxi air force enlists in army some 9 years, be engaged in a plane maintaining major.

“Zhao Rongyao is in army very hard, enrollment the 3rd year, he checks military school, still be promoted to a high office to be sergeancy. ” Zhao Zhan

Slope says, during army, zhao Rongyao is judged to be early or late ” outstanding soldier ” ” outstanding sergeancy ” .

“My uncle and elder brother are a soldier, I was brought up to also want to join the army. ” the ambition that fell to become a soldier stands when Zhao halo teenager.

September 2018, zhao Rongguang of 19 years old realized the dream that join the army, to Zhejiang peaceful wave navy enlists in army some. “Zhao Rongguang is a good young plant, before enrollment, he ever was in battle of provision of ministry of fierce of person of county of ferry of the first month enlists in army half an year, upload make known to lower levels, be on duty stand sentry wait for the task to be finished very outstandingly. ” Yang Wenbo of a secretary in charge of sth of family of job of politics of armed ministry of people of county of ferry of the first month says.

Zhao Rongguang arrived after army, do not lose popular confidence as expected, after recruit ends even assemble for training, he is chosen to be parade phalanx alignment ” great file leader ” example, enrollment is less than half an year, became assistant team leader. Because Zhao halo performance is outstanding, 2019 ” 81 ” eve, army specially invite asks his parents to watch a report perform.

“Slope of my uncle Zhao battle is enthusiastic commonweal career, I should learn to the uncle, the epidemic disease that it is battle gives a power. ” Zhao Rongguang tells a reporter in the phone, during epidemic situation, he turns through small letter Zhang 2000 multivariate and subsidiary, let father Zhao Zhan Wei buy the fruit, milk, goods such as biscuit, contribute the hospital of home town, condolatory cure protects personnel.

Now, zhao Zhanwei has a cherished desire, wait for young son to be brought up, also should arouse he joins the army, accept in army take exercise.

“Zhao battle slope and halo of nephew Zhao Rongyao, Zhao are the outstanding delegate of Meng Jin veteran and serviceman, their family has embrace goodly army traditional, support unit construction actively, praiseworthy. ” Yang Wenbo says. (Yang Shuilin of Yu Ziyu of reporter of intermediary of be in harmony of newspaper of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces’s reporter civil / graph)