On July 24 morning, procuratorate of people of Ru Yang county deals with Wang Mou some is suspected of embezzling one case to make public sessional cognizance in court of people of Ru Yang county, ma Jun of head of department of the 3rd procuratorial work mixes procuratorate of Luoyang city people other

Branch of procuratorial work of crime of post of prefectural area courtyard view and emulate of whole journey of more than 10 people activity of careful of this case front courtyard.

King of person of the accused of accusation of public prosecution mechanism is such-and-such the advantage that exploits its officially, be stationed in government of Luoyang city people Shanghai contact location to belong to 3 flatlet house (the total prices when case hair is worth 6.398 million yuan) glom on to, think its behavior offended ” criminal law of People’s Republic of China ” the 382nd the first regulation, guilty fact is clear, evidence is really sufficient, ought to investigate its criminal duty in order to embezzle a blame. To make quote of front courtyard careful obtains better result, public prosecutor made PPT of front courtyard careful, undertake inducing classified to relevant evidence, intuitionistic the criminality that showed the accused person. In front courtyard careful, public prosecutor and paraclete collect the problem such as the letter to launch a debate with respect to blame and blame blame, evidence, and have specific aim undertake judicial investigation and court argue, obtained result of better front courtyard careful.

Carry inspect and learn each other’s work of careful of this front courtyard, public prosecutor had more clear knowledge to his professional skill, accumulated appear in court experience, the evidence that enhanced policemen of attendant view and emulate examines consciousness, achieve ” learn in view and emulate, rise in study ” .