Now, thorough part enterprise visits Li Ya of secretary of municipal Party committee, direct business development and economy run survey wait for the job, emphasize wanting to implement the serious talk spirit that implements Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to go up in entrepreneur informal discussion deep, deepen continuously ” couplet look forward to aids look forward to into look forward to of benefit of look forward to ” activity, drive in the center of, be born of policy of look forward to of each benefit of province, city falls fine fulfil, be protected hammer and tongs and arouse vitality of market main body, for economic society development accumulates greater power.

The Gelizhi that is located in new and high area can make industrial base already took shape, in the center of division force first product line tries air conditioning project successfully already produce. Li Ya comes to here above all, with president of division power electric equipment Dong Mingzhu looked carefully at base of division force Luoyang deep together reveal center and air conditioning to assemble a workshop. Li Ya offers affirmation to project progress, what broad to the enterprise worker maintains go into operation hammer and tongs is arduous pay thanks, hope division force exerts oneself brand influence actively, realize air conditioning project to amount to as soon as possible produce amount to effect, continue advances follow-up project construction, to drive ” Luoyang is made ” trend ” Luoyang wisdom is built ” make larger contribution.

Limited company of car of house of approach of the market in Luoyang fulfils environmental protection requirement actively, build cast used country’s biggest automation besmear of dusting of report of special Che Jing holds product line. Li Ya examines this product line to run a condition on the spot, be informed an enterprise to rely on this new product line, manufacturing efficiency promotes first half of the year this year 90% , manpower cost drops 70% , cost is reduced 5% , integrated benefit promotes considerably after waiting for a circumstance, put forth effort of space of approach of the market in be opposite accelerates green to change, intelligence changes transformed exploration practice to offer sufficient affirmation. He points out, want the experience way of eaves of approach of the market in be being popularized actively, the initiative initiative in bringing an enterprise into play adequately to work in contaminative prevention and cure, guide an enterprise to administer thoroughly, essence of life uses strategy definitely, optimize a structure, force the company takes the route that good innovation transition develops.

In limited company of technology of the biology in Luoyang benefit, production of detailed knowledge company manages Li Yaxiang especially vaccinal research and development, market is developed wait for a circumstance, encourage enterprise holds to innovation to lead from beginning to end, live thing of hour take up is safe this bowstring, wait for channel actively to widen through appearing on the market development platform, make more provide competitive fist product.

“Does the industry move a condition first half of the year how? ” ” does each element safeguard have difficulty? ” ” still hope what service Party committee government provides? ” stuff shows in breath of triumphant Cheng Xin (Luoyang) limited company, li Ya will to the workshop look carefully at manufacturing operation He Kaicheng base of indication data of Yi bank information builds progress, understanding ” couplet look forward to aids look forward to into look forward to of benefit of look forward to ” the activity develops effect. He points out, the business is important stare at a project to build node, accelerate push established collaboration project, exert oneself makes the whole nation provide the information of consequence to show industrial base most, city straight department and apanage government should optimize development as always environment, do well element safeguard, provide excellent service, drive ” Bo of new the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces ” construction is amounted to as soon as possible produce, see effect.

The Luoyang Tian Youchun that Li Ya still is located in Yi bank area food limited company, look carefully at spring the circumstance such as research and development of new product of ham bowel production and series. He points out, spring the calling card that once was Luoyang, want to put food safety in the first place from beginning to end in new era, hold to the market to direct, spin industrial chain, blend in the new connotation such as low candy of green, organic, low fat, roll out more to accord with the new product of times characteristic, make zoology spring, the dietary demand such as the preserve one’s health that better contented people grows increasingly, health, let spring extraordinary splendour of of brand phoenix Nie, replay.

Plum inferior emphasize, want to implement the serious talk spirit that implements a secretary-general to go up in entrepreneur informal discussion deep, deepen the understanding of positions of pair of market main body and action, realise from the height of the strategy and overall situation keeping market principal part is to maintain social productivity adequately, leave no stone unturned has protected market main body. Various each should increase Shu to strand a side to help strength about the branch, deepen continuously ” couplet look forward to enters benefit of look forward to

Look forward to aids look forward to ” activity, enterprise of help of leave no stone unturned is affected to developing epidemic situation, enhance development vigor. Broad entrepreneur should promote entrepreneur spirit energetically, hold to innovation to lead, assume social responsibility, widen eye shot ceaselessly, for Luoyang economy society development makes larger contribution. Both sides of politics look forward to wants to be entered in all hand in hand, the difficult when be being overcome in all, solid had done ” 6 firm ” the job, fulfil ” 6 protect ” the task, carry out ” 5 carry ” the action, with sufficient had used with work in the center of, the policy of each benefit look forward to that province, city publishs, utmost ground releases effect of policy of policy bonus, play, exert oneself is in the crisis Yo new machine, at changing new bureau leaves in the bureau, send force city cast to be offerred into new engine to build deputy center to make growth pole stronger prop up.

Zhao Huisheng, Hou Zhanguo joins survey. (The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces signs up for Li Donghui of reporter of intermediary of be in harmony)