Beautiful summerly place of business

“Village of summerly place of business is by the side of Yi He, change between in a twinkle new colour; The village changes old face, a beautiful scenery is shown at the moment; Happy event see summerly Zhuang Xin change, greeting all directions will look around… ” 28 days morning, in the rustic post that in area of dragon of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces Li Lou presses down village of summerly place of business, duan Suhua of 67 years old reads aloud the jingle that she writes to the villager.

The village of summerly place of business of Yi Heibei bank, white wall black is made of baked clay, chan of canal water Chan. Duan Suhua is to look at a village from frown making a person ” smelly water beach ” become beauty clean ” park ” . “Metabolic rate is too rapid, my feeling resembled making a dream. ” Duan Suhua says, glad, she wrote a paragraph of jingle for the village, do not have a thing to read aloud the villager to listen.

Where is the change of village of summerly place of business? Duan Suhua says, this must speak of from her home…

Duan Suhua’s home is not far from rustic post, courtyard wall of white, vermeil gate, the plant in the Hua Chi before the door is lush and green, hua Chi’s a side is piling up stone of a few bricks. “Look, it is original here I the position of a drought lavatory. Before some year, the village does not have waste pipe net, every family uses drought lavatory. ” the past since memory

, duan Suhua shakes his head continuously.

In those days, village of summerly place of business still has 46 farms, in the aqueduct that sewage discharges village edge directly, arrive summer, with respect to odour smelly, fly is much. Duan Suhua says: “Dare not open a window, dare not sun clothes. My daughter answered a village to live to shouting to want in the evening. ” look in the villager at that time, use in the home sail upstream strong pattern toilet, the village becomes Shui Qingcao is green, be ” monkey year Ma Yue ” thing.

Duan Suhua and villagers do not have expect, the surprise comes so quickly! 2018, village of summerly place of business begins to carry out rural person to reside environmental improvement, close plant of the farm of the village, arenaceous stone, repair Yi flood land zoology, laid waste pipe net, build station of small-sized sewage disposal, the water in village edge aqueduct becomes clear rise.

“The village carried out drought lavatory to transform, we leave thoroughly drought lavatory times, used water to develop type toilet. ” Duan Suhua shows the move is street excitedly say, “The village rebuilt road, still see after the house before the room seam insert green, fill plant trade tree, village appearance looks brand-new. ” her daughter farewell village, so open-eyed that do not say to give a word, look at east, look on the west, the village of summerly place of business in dare not believing this is her memory.

Last year, village of summerly place of business sweep ” vie ” wind, than what? Than whose home cleaner more civilized and beautiful, harmonious. Where home is done well, still can be judged to go up ” 5 beautiful court ” . To obtain this special honour, the villager people riveting became sufficient strong, some rebuilding the Hua Chi before the door, some puts up grape trellis in court… villager Bai Gaizhi to arrange a house, two days did not give a door.

Last year, dak building opens the country of village of summerly place of business. This is dak of village of home town of our city head, the villager can read here, handle card, seek advice… Duan Suhua asks actively to become the administrator of rustic post, she laughs: “The village becomes better more, we also cannot lag behind. Rustic post is the appearance of the village, I should give add lustre to of village of summerly place of business to buy variety with considerate service. I should give add lustre to of village of summerly place of business to buy variety with considerate service..

Reporter hand is written down

Village of summerly place of business becomes beautiful, the happy sense of the villager is stronger and stronger. As village sweep ” vie ” wind, the villager improves individual quality ceaselessly: Discover public facilities damages, appear in the newspaper in time; The books that lends, won’t appear any attaint… ” happy countryside ” connotation is the corporeal life that improves the villager not only, also want to abound the inner world of the villager. (article of Xuan of Zhuyi of reporter He Yiru’s trainee / graph)