Exhibition hall interior exhibits area reporter Chen Xi to photograph

Yesterday morning, in division power electric equipment (Luoyang) on the side of office building of production base of intelligence of central air conditioning,

White rotunda builds basically already. Regard the science and technology that project of base of division force air conditioning installs technically as the exhibition hall, multinomial division force is about to appear here ” black science and technology ” , future still will serve as industrial travel tourist attraction to open to the outside world.

Exhibition hall of science and technology is the important window that division force shows business development and technical gain. Area of this exhibition hall makes an appointment with 2300 square metre, include area of company culture area, family expenses air conditioning, freezer area to wait for 10 to exhibit an area.

In air conditioning area, revealed can realize speech interactive the intelligent air conditioning, healthy air conditioning that can promote indoor air quality, and use international the high-grade air conditioning of banner distributed technology sending wind. The compressor technology with case particular strength — transfiguration of 3 crocks of dual class is accumulated than compressor technology, also will appear in the exhibition hall.

In freezer area, it is OK to was revealed through temperature of freezer of mobile phone adjustment, union freezer has the refrigerator of big screen intelligence that eats material to recommend various cookbook, embark last twinkling aspic technology, can accomplish the flesh to taste a deposit fresh and tender of two weeks ” blackart freezer ” etc.

In washing machine area, revealed through dividing sub level to nurse the technology undertakes to clothings ” maintain ” hot pump is washed protect machine, can drink water automatically according to clothings quantity, add catharsis fluid, perception smudgy degree, the wisdom eye washing machine that realizes wisdom full…

Besides much fund industry top intelligence is changed, green is changed, net couplet turns home appliance product, the exhibition hall returns system of electric machinery of in suspension of pair of industry robots, magnetism, intelligence to build a solution to wait ” division force is created ” undertook revealing. In the direct seeding activity that conducted on August 1, dong Mingzhu of president of Inc. of division power electric equipment, president will walk into exhibition hall of science and technology, guide countrywide audience to admire these ” black science and technology ” .