To strengthen construction of city of government affairs informatization, wisdom, advance resource of government affairs data to share, the our city issued relevant announcement recently, come on stage ” resource of data of Luoyang city government administration shares management temporary measure ” ” data of Luoyang city government administration and measure of government of construction of electronic government affairs ” etc.

According to the file relevant provision, the system of information of blame experience close government administration that whole town each unit already built should platform of cloud of Luoyang of progressively Xiang Zhihui is migratory. Build the system of government affairs information inside the computer room to answer oneself at was being finished before the end of the year 2020 migratory; Use undue of the system of government affairs information that buys service mode to rent external, contract system of information of great government affairs, should finish stage by stage after the contract expires migratory.

Window: Database of 4 large bases already built

Relevant controller introduces municipal Wu service and big data management board, strengthen construction of city of government affairs informatization, wisdom to be helpful for advancing conformity of government affairs data, share, open and innovation application, ensure data safety, promotion government society governs ability and public service level, deepen further ” put a canal to take ” reform, optimize battalion business environment, ensure the government affairs data of system of information of national level, provincial government affairs can sink to city one class.

Current, platform of platform of cloud of Luoyang of our city wisdom, government affairs service, data shares commutative platform, government to serve data of net, government affairs to share service portal website to already built, with countrywide unifinication government affairs service platform realizes a butt joint; The database of 4 large bases such as library of population library, legal person library, dimensional geography information, macroscopical economy library already also built; Library of company credit information, public natural resources hands in easy information library, government to invest library of information of library of information of library of information of project information library, electric power, traffic, travel to wait for construction of 10 themes database to be being advanced; Be about to build video to share commutative platform, receive for supervisory system of whole town video offerred a condition, realize be well versed in of join of monitoring of urban and rural video, form cover city, county, countryside, village (community) net of couplet of monitoring of communal and safe video shares applied system.

Fulcrum: More than 1000 enterprises in all ” maintain ” big data

The our city already built garden of industry of Luoyang big data, collected Central Plains big data cloud is computational center, medium move online numerous achieve constant of hatch platform, Luoyang to give birth to garden of science and technology to wait for company of 1088 big data, big data of outstanding government affairs, industry big data, Internet big data applies; Breeding make the industry of industrial big data that is characteristic with intelligence group, the industry of public service big data that is characteristic with culture travel group, lead the Internet that is characteristic in order to innovate big data industry group; Will make resource center, technology center, application center, construction country intelligence makes big data use demonstrative area, country demonstrative area of drive of innovation of industry of demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest of big data center, mid big data.

In addition, the Longmen Grottoes uses big data to realize essence of life to allow Wu of kimono of management, sale; The letter weighs the key enterprise such as lug of labour, China to build data center in, for the product iteration upgrades and later period service lays a foundation; Education ” 325 ” project (3 two platform hall of 5 a lecture given to a large number of students) frame is formed basically; “Internet + medical treatment ” platform already had inquiry of archives of dweller electron health and mobile phone of much home hospital to make an appointment, registration, hand in the function such as cost, navigation; Label of Internet of platform of industrial big data, industry is analytic 2 class node already went up the line moves; “Cloudland museum ” , platform of travel big data builds on line; Platform of wisdom Luoyang cloud already had system of government affairs information migratory condition.

This controller expresses, this and our city ” build Central Plains city about be being accelerated in order to open to lead group the action program of deputy center city ” in ” rely on garden of big data industry, accelerate the technology such as content couplet net, artificial intelligence, area piece catenary, big data innovation and industrial application ” ” construction country big data is new-style industrialized property demonstrative base ” ” make radiation periphery the data of the area stores center and cloud serve innovation base ” wait for requirement height.

Key: Wisdom of city, the people’s livelihood, zoology, industry is changed

Industry of data of integrated data resource, innovation, drive data application, turn data into asset, in the problem that the appreciation ode that realizes data can be big data application justice.

Next, the working key of wisdom city is resided in appropriate of service of urban processing, the people’s livelihood, zoology, respect of industrial development program, how is canal of city of traffic of main development wisdom, wisdom, wisdom prevented, finance of education of wisdom medical treatment, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom travels.

Specific for, build new-style wisdom city to unite centre platform; Compose builds a network to install all department, the perception of situation of security of network of implementation city land with certain boundaries, early-warning that monitor, lash-up deals with, disaster restores unifinication. On the foundation that the 3rd acting social security that in whole town current electronic health blocks system, traffic to one cartoon is built and realize confluence to establish pattern in all blocks a hair to finish, with the 3rd generation social security card is carrier, with ” the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces does quickly ” App is the entrance, advance a dweller construction of one cartoon project; Advance government affairs data to put in collect ‘s charge to share, realize more wisdom setting application.

“Perfect system mechanism and operation management pattern are very crucial. ” this controller expresses, the key is carried out cross the branch, big data that crosses a territory to use demonstrative project, stimulative data is shared, ability realizes urban wisdom change better, build infuse for deputy center city powerful motive force. (Wang Longfei of trainee of reporter Zhao large

Reporter Zhang Yuanyuan)